Wagers USA online gambling community forums

Wagers USA Online Gambling Community Forums

WagersUSA.com is on a mission to become the web’s #1 online gaming expert guide and here’s our plan for helping fellow gamblers seeking guidance. Wagers USA Online Gambling Community Forums are free for posting discussions to inform, educate and help other US gamblers. We use referral links on wagersusa.com fyi and strongly recommend all players consider social and sweepstakes gaming over real money gambling sites. They are free to play, super fun like Vegas and a much more responsible alternative to traditional online casinos.

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What does Wagers USA do?

Welcome to the the wonderful WagersUSA.com, where Responsible Gambling is our mission and passion. Founded by a former gambling addict, our platform is not just a hub for online casino and sports betting individuals but also a supportive community for those struggling with gambling addiction.

Our team of real money online gambling experts, led by Wagers USA founder Benjamin Ogden, have over 23 years of experience reviewing and ranking betting sites including Online Casinos, poker rooms and sportsbook wagering apps. Wagers USA also covers mobile gaming apps including US licensed gambling sites including sportsbook betting and real money casinos.

Our Story:

Our founder’s personal journey through gambling addiction and recovery is the cornerstone of WagersUSA.com. After overcoming a 5-year struggle with blackjack gaming and witnessing the transformative power of responsible gaming, it became my mission… our mission, to help others in need of a friendly and experienced hand.

We believe in the joy of gaming and the importance of doing it responsibly.
Wagers USA Gambling Community Forums

Gambling Addiction Forums:

  • Supportive Community: Connect with others who understand your struggle with gaming problems.
  • Personal Growth: Share stories, seek advice, and find encouragement from other gamblers who can relate.
  • Expert Guidance: Access gambler resources and professional help for addiction impacting peoples lives.
  • https://wagersusa.com/forums/forum/gambling-addiction/

Online Casinos Forums:

  • United States Licensed Casinos: Discuss and explore a wide range of USA online casinos with real money gaming in 2024.
  • Community Experiences: Share your wins, losses, and everything in between around your gambling outings.
  • Scam Avoidance: Learn from fellow gamers to identify and avoid common scams some gamblers fall to.
  • Responsible Gaming: Tips on playing games safely and setting realistic expectations and your internet casino experience.
  • https://wagersusa.com/forums/forum/online-casinos/

Sports Betting Forums:

  • Interactive Forum: Engage with fellow sports bettors, fans of sporting games just like youtself.
  • Expert and Newbie Friendly: Whether you’re an sharp bettor expert or new, there’s something for everyone.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Get and give advice on odds, bets, and popular gambling strategies doe various types of bets on sports.
  • https://wagersusa.com/forums/forum/sports-betting/

Sweepstakes Casino Forums:

  • Sweepstakes Forum: Chat with other sweepstakes casino players and find new free spins codes.
  • Practice Responsible Gaming: Sweepstakes gaming casino apps offer a responsible way to game online.
  • Top Sweepstakes Casino: Read reviews of other players stories gaming on Sweepstakes sites and free sweepstakes casino apps.
  • https://wagersusa.com/forums/forum/sweepstakes-casinos/

Why Choose WagersUSA.com?

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: A place to enjoy gaming without the risks of losing real money that you worked long hours for.
  • Community-Driven: Benefit from the shared experiences of WagersUSA.com members.
  • Committed to Responsible Gaming: We prioritize your well-being over everything. I know firsthand how difficult gaming addiction is and how the battle is a long uphill battle. I share my personal experiences in hopes of helping you avoid my costly mistakes of betting on blackjack games too much at the casinos.
  • https://wagersusa.com/about-us/


  1. What is WagersUSA.com?
    WagersUSA.com is an online platform for responsible gambling, offering forums for discussing online casinos, sports betting, and support resources for people with addiction problems.
  2. Who can join WagersUSA.com?
    Anyone interested in responsible gaming, whether you’re a gamer playing online or someone who’s seeking support for battles with gambling addiction.
  3. Is WagersUSA.com free to use?
    Yes, the Wagers USA gambling forums and gambler resources are available for free. We encourage you to sign up and introduce yourself to the Wagers USA Community.
  4. Can I get professional help for gambling addiction on WagersUSA.com?
    While we provide resources, we recommend seeking professional help for serious addiction issues.
  5. Are the casino and sports betting forums moderated?
    Yes, to ensure a safe and supportive environment.
  6. Can I share my gambling experiences on the site?
    Absolutely, your stories can help and inspire others.This is my main purpose with continuing working in the iGaming industry. To share my knowledge and experience and ultimately help other people’s lives.
  7. Is WagersUSA.com affiliated with any online casinos?
    No, we’re an independent community platform. We provide marketing services through referral links. This is how we earn income and develop WagersUSA.com content, help guides, etc.
  8. How does WagersUSA.com help in responsible gambling?
    Through community support, sharing experiences, and providing information on safe gaming practices.
  9. Are there guidelines for posting in the forums?
    Yes, we encourage respectful and responsible communication in the Wagers USA Forums. You don’t all have to agree all the time, but please, no bashing or hating on other players for any reasons whatsoever. .
  10. Can I contribute to the WagersUSA.com community?
    Yes, your participation and sharing of personal gambling experiences are highly valued.