Florida Sports Betting: Is FL online betting legal in 2024?

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Introduction to Online Sports Betting in Florida

The landscape of sports betting in Florida – Sports Betting is Legal in Florida has witnessed significant changes over the past few years.

Originating from a period of strict regulations, the state has gradually opened its doors to the world of online sports betting, reflecting a nationwide shift in attitude towards this form of gambling.

As of 2024, Florida’s legal framework has adapted to accommodate and regulate online sports betting, sparking a surge in the popularity and availability of digital betting platforms. This shift not only aligns with technological advancements but also caters to a growing demand for accessible and varied betting options.

Florida’s Legal Online Betting Site

HardRock.bet is the official online sportsbook for the Hard Rock online gambling brand in the state of Florida. FL online sport bets became legal in Q4 2023. Now Floridians can bet on sports from their mobile phone with real money at HardRock.bet Florida Sportsbook.

HardRock.bet - Sports Betting is Legal in Florida

Florida Sports Betting: The Latest Legal Developments in 2024

In recent years, Florida has seen a whirlwind of activity and legal battles surrounding sports betting. As of 2024, the landscape has finally settled, offering clear guidelines and options for bettors in the Sunshine State. This article explores the latest legal developments, the current status of sports betting in Florida, and what future legislation might look like.

Current Legal Status of Sports Betting in Florida

Sports betting in Florida is now fully legal and operational, thanks to the ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in June 2023 and the subsequent reopening of Hard Rock Bet to Florida residents in December 2023. The Seminole Tribe of Florida plays a pivotal role, having exclusive control over sports betting in the state.

Key Dates and Developments:

  • April 2021: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs a compact with the Seminole Tribe, legalizing sports betting.
  • November 2021: Legal challenges arise, leading to temporary suspension of sports betting.
  • June 2023: The U.S. Court of Appeals reverses a lower court’s decision, reinstating the 2021 compact.
  • December 2023: Hard Rock Bet relaunches its sports betting offerings in Florida.

Who Can Bet and Where?

  • Age Limit: Bettors must be 21 or older.
  • Platforms: Bets can be placed through the Hard Rock Bet app or in-person at Seminole Tribe-owned casinos.
  • Geofencing: Betting is restricted to within Florida state borders.

The Future of Sports Betting in Florida

The legal landscape for sports betting in Florida is still evolving. Representative Jason Shoaf announced plans to introduce a legislative bill to define specific legalities in sports betting, indicating potential changes in the future.

Tax Implications

Florida sports bettors are subject to a 24% federal tax on winnings over $600. However, with no state income tax, this remains the only tax obligation for bettors in Florida.

Potential Challenges and Litigations

Despite the current legal status, the future of sports betting in Florida could face more challenges. Various groups, including No Casinos, argue that the expansion violates Florida’s constitutional Amendment 3, which requires voter approval for gambling expansions.

Pros and Cons of Sports Betting in Florida


  • Economic Benefits: The Seminole Tribe’s sports betting operations provide significant revenue to the state.
  • Regulated Environment: Legal sports betting ensures a safe and fair betting environment.
  • Convenience: Online and in-person betting options cater to different preferences.


  • Legal Uncertainty: Ongoing legal challenges may affect the stability of the market.
  • Limited Operators: Currently, the Seminole Tribe has exclusive rights, limiting competition.
  • Potential for Addiction: Increased access to betting raises concerns about gambling addiction.

Web Ratings: Florida Sports Betting

  • Hard Rock Bet App: 4.5/5 – User-friendly, reliable service.
  • Customer Support: 4.2/5 – Responsive but room for improvement.
  • Variety of Betting Options: 4.7/5 – Wide range of sports and events.

FAQs about Florida Sports Betting

Other Major Sports Gambling Platforms in United States

In the flourishing market of Florida’s sports betting on-line, several platforms have risen to prominence, each offering unique features and experiences:

  • BetMGM: Known for its user-friendly interface, BetMGM stands out for its comprehensive range of betting options, encompassing a wide array of sports. Additionally, the platform offers regular promotions and bonuses that enhance the betting experience.
  • DraftKings: A leader in the market, DraftKings attracts users with its diverse betting options and competitive odds. The platform is also renowned for its engaging promotions and loyalty rewards.
  • FanDuel: FanDuel excels in offering an intuitive user interface and exceptional live betting capabilities, providing bettors with real-time wagering opportunities. Its customer service is also noteworthy, ensuring a seamless betting experience.
  • PointsBet: This platform distinguishes itself with innovative betting features like “PointsBetting,” offering a high-reward system. PointsBet is also acclaimed for its responsive customer support and user-centric approach.

Understanding Florida’s Sports Betting Legislation

Florida’s journey towards legalizing online sports gambling has been complex. The Sports Wagering Act laid the groundwork for this transition, outlining the regulatory framework and licensing requirements. Recent amendments to this legislation have further clarified the operational scope of sports betting online entities, also emphasizing the role of the Florida Gaming Control Commission in oversight and regulation.

Economic Impact of Online Sports Betting in Florida

The introduction of online betting has had a substantial economic impact on Florida. It has generated significant revenue through taxation and licensing fees, contributing to the state’s budget. The sector has also spurred job creation, ranging from tech support to customer service roles, and has boosted related businesses, such as software development and digital marketing. Comparatively, Florida’s progress mirrors or even surpasses other states with established internet betting industries.

Consumer Protection and Responsible Gambling

Florida takes consumer protection seriously, implementing policies and tools to promote responsible gambling. These include self-exclusion programs, betting limits, and informational resources to help prevent addiction. The state’s approach is comparable to, if not more stringent than, measures taken in other states, emphasizing Florida’s commitment to safe and responsible online sports betting.

Trends and Future of Online Betting in Florida

The future of online sports betting in Florida is poised for growth, driven by technological advancements like mobile betting apps and live streaming of sports events. Market analysts predict a continuous rise in user engagement and revenue generation. Additionally, the potential for interstate betting agreements could further expand the market and elevate Florida as a hub for sports betting online.


As of 2024, Florida has established itself as a significant player in the online sports wagering arena. The state’s progressive legislation, coupled with a robust array of betting platforms, positions it well for future growth and innovation in this dynamic industry.

Florida Sports Betting FAQs

  1. Is online sports betting legal in Florida? Yes, as of 2024, online sports betting is legal through platforms like Hard Rock Bet.
  2. What is the age requirement for sports betting in Florida? Bettors must be at least 21 years old.
  3. Can I bet on sports outside of Florida using a Florida-based app? No, geofencing technology restricts betting to within Florida state borders.
  4. Are winnings from sports betting taxable in Florida? Yes, federal taxes apply to winnings over $600.
  5. Who regulates sports betting in Florida? The Seminole Tribe has exclusive control over sports betting under the current legal framework.
  6. Can I bet on all types of sports? Yes, including professional, collegiate, Olympic, and international sports.
  7. Are there any retail sports betting locations in Florida? Yes, several Seminole Tribe-owned casinos offer in-person betting.
  8. How does Florida’s sports betting tax rate compare to other states? Florida has no state income tax, making it more favorable for bettors compared to states with high taxes.
  9. What future legal changes can we expect in Florida sports betting? Further legislation may define specific legalities and potentially introduce new regulations.
  10. Is there a limit to how much I can bet? Betting limits are set by individual operators and may vary.


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